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GLC Publishers, 1983.
Phonodisc. 2-12", 33 l/3rpm, stereo. $32.95.
Includes teacher's manual.

Grades K-3.
Reviewed by Jim Delaney.

Volume 11 Number 5.
1983 September.

If you have attended a school concert within the last year or so, chances are that you have come in contact with Music Builders. Word is out among teachers that, by adjusting the balance on your stereo record player, you can isolate the instrumental track on this two-record set and provide a polished accompaniment for your class choir. For teachers, especially non-musicians, this is the answer to a prayer.

Music Builders, however, is more than just a boon for parents' night: it is the foundation for a total primary music program. The album opens out into a large, thirty-five-page teacher's manual containing the words and music for the thirty-nine recorded songs, plus a wealth of ideas for exploring the elements of music through listening, singing, movement, and play.

The songs are clearly and pleasantly sung by the Music Builders Chorus, ten children from a North York school. By adjusting the stereo balance, you can isolate the children's voices and use them as a model for teaching the melodies. It is worth noting that the instrumental portion is a true accompaniment; that is, it supplies rhythm and harmony, but does not always follow the melody. This provides a little more challenge for the class, and for teachers, who must brush up conducting skills.

Music Builders Chorus is an all-girl group, a fact that tends to reinforce the already prevalent notion that girls sing, while boys shoot hockey pucks. One wonders why boys were not included, and looks forward to the balance being redressed in future albums. Highly recommended.

Jim Delaney, Msgr. Pereyma School, Oshawa, ON.
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