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Donald M. Santor.

Scarborough (ON), Prentice-Hall, c1982.
(Canadiana Scrapbooks).
48pp, paper, $6.95.
ISBN 0-13-112904-X.

Grades 5 and up
Reviewed by Willian F. Benson.

Volume 11 Number 5.
1983 September.

At $6.95, Donald Santor's Canada's Native People is a good buy. It is part of a series, Canadiana Scrapbooks, that uses a novel approach to the presentation of social studies material. Rather than following the traditional textbook format, this book has the appearance of a scrap-book with pictures and articles pasted on the page, widely spaced, and at a variety of angles.

The book supplies an incredible variety and range of detail concerning Canada's Indian, Métis, and Inuit populations, the areas they inhabited, and all aspects of their daily life. Graphs, diagrams, drawings, and photographs (some dating back to 1871) present the information in an interesting and inviting manner. The author was thorough in his research as evidenced by his listing of such items as thirty-eight different uses for the various parts of a buffalo and the seven different common designs for snowshoes.

A minor drawback of the book is the readability level of some of the articles. While I would recommend it as a resource book for grade 5, a lot of the material would be fully comprehended or read only by older students. The size of the print and complexity oS the ideas and articles suggests that this book would be more useful at the high school level.

The book's major weakness and at the same time a major strength is its bias in favour of the native people. According to the book, all the troubles visited upon the native people have been because of the white man. The book seems to completely absolve the native people of any blame or responsibility for their present situation. This attitude of the book should be excellent for developing discussions and even debates in the classroom on the questions facing the country over the next decade, such as Indian land claims. In summary, a good resource book with a thought-provoking and timely discussion of an important Canadian issue.

William F. Benson, Golden S. S., Golden, BC.
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