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Scarborough (ON), Prentice-Hall, c1983.
60pp, paperbound boards, $22.30.
ISBN 0-13-2156164.

Grades 8-10.
Reviewed by Peter Freeman.

Volume 11 Number 5.
1983 September.

Discovering Biological Science is the most recent, and the most practical, in a series of science texts written or edited by William Andrews. In this book he leads the reader progressively from a lucid examination of the nature of biology, through descriptions of the cell, to a survey of the five kingdoms of Whittaker's classification. As the author addresses .each kingdom, he develops concepts of tissue and organ system evolution. These lead directly to units on human biology and continuity. An overview of ecology then leads into a final unit that, briefly and objectively, covers contemporary issues such as drug abuse, the population explosion, and nuclear war.

Almost every page of the text is broken into easily read topics that are well illustrated with black-and-white photographs and pen-and-ink drawings. To facilitate easy study, the author has avoided much of the jargon that plagues science texts and has emphasized a modest terminology by printing the words in green when they are introduced. Each chapter starts with a brief introduction and ends with a glossary and a series of study questions that are designed to offer the student reinforcement and enrichment of the concepts covered.

Throughout the book, clearly outlined practical experiments are integrated into the units. These and the objective yet sensitive approaches to subjects such as venereal disease, evolution, and drug abuse, make this an excellent book with which to teach. From this text, any teacher should be able to offer a balanced science program that will motivate today's youth.

Peter Freeman, Booth Memorial J. S. S., Prince Rupert, BC.
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