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Danton O'Day.

Scarborough (ON), NAL, c1982.
(A Signet Book).
183pp, paper, $3.50.
ISBN 0-7723-0074-7.

Grades 12 and up.
Reviewed by Marilyn Simpson.

Volume 11 Number 5.
1983 September.

How to Succeed at University comes at a time where more students of all ages are returning to or continuing on to university. Post-secondary education tends to be a mystery to potential students. With this book a great deal of that mystery dissipates.

Professor Danton O'Day is an associate professor at the University of Toronto. He wrote this book for two major reasons: first to give new students a guide to university and secondly to pass on information that, as a student and now a professor, he has found successful. Each chapter covers a different aspect of university life from "Getting ready to Succeed" to taking lecture notes, studying, preparing for exams, and so on. His last chapter gives an overview of Canadian universities in other provinces. The appendix gives an explicit explanation complete with examples of how to write an essay, a book report, and a laboratory report.

Professor O'Day writes as if he were talking to a student directly. University for new students can be a very confusing place, but with this book some of a student's anxieties can be put to rest.

The summary at the end of each chapter consolidates the information and provides a brief review for the reader. O'Day also includes a chapter on medical and other professional schools, which is very useful for its overview on acceptance requirements.

This book is an excellent supplement for a course calendar from a particular university. Students who choose to go to university are investing a great deal of time and money on their education. Any help for potential students is most certainly beneficial. Guidance counsellors will also find this useful when advising their senior graduates.

Marilyn Simpson, Red Lake D. H. S., Red Lake, ON.
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