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North Vancouver, Capilano College, vol. 1-, 1981--.
Distributed by Capilano College, 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, BC V7J3H5.
8 issues a year, free.
Examples: December 1982-April.

English as a Second Language, Adult Retraining.
Reviewed by Arne Handley.

Volume 11 Number 5.
1983 September.

Newspapers such as The Westcoast Reader that are small, highly specific as far as usage and available in only one part of Canada are difficult to review. Many reasons, such as the fact that it may not exist by the time the review is published, or that most of the people reading the review do not have access to it, inhibit the reviewer somewhat.

All that aside, The Westcoast Reader is good, very good. It takes articles from newspapers and magazines and through a system of checks and stars codes them so that they can be used in helping students to develop reading skills. Designed for both the student that is new to the English language and the adult that failed to develop the skills; it is a highly usable tool.

Each issue covers a broad range of current topics such as the Royal visit, computers, and the British Columbia election. In addition to the standard newspaper articles, letters to the editor and general comments, it has a set of teaching notes that would be very useful.

This is a newspaper that is sent out free in British Columbia to institutions, funded partially by the provincial government and donations from other groups and has only one paid employee, the editor. It's good, it's usable, and even if it is not available to other areas, the idea should be taken and applied. Better yet, get in touch with The Westcoast Reader and put pressure on to have them set a price per issue so that it can be made available all across Canada. The effort would be worth it!

Arne Handley, Alexandra J. H. S., Medicine Hat, AB.
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