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Ross D. James and George K. Peck.

Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum, c1983.
(Life Sciences Miscellaneous Publications, ISSN 0082-5093).
321pp, paper, $25.00.
ISBN 0-88854-288-7.

Reviewed by Elinor Kelly.

Volume 11 Number 6.
1983 November.

From the Life Sciences Publications of the Royal Ontario Museum comes the first volume of an important contribution to the literature of ornithology. The authors are both with the department of ornithology. Dr. Peck has been in charge of compiling the record charts for nesting birds for the Ontario Nest Records Scheme since 1966. R.D. James, senior author of the Annotated Checklist of Birds of Ontario (ROM, 1976), did the drawings. Both are experienced photographers.

This first volume deals with non-passerine or non-perching birds, from the loons to the woodpeckers; the second will cover the rest of the birds that breed in the province. One hundred and forty-three species are included. For each bird, there is a map showing the distribution of breeding records and on the facing page, the nidology, records, eggs, incubation period, egg dates, and comments on breeding distribution. There are drawings of some but not all the birds. There are large amounts of new data never before published, and some of it is at variance with material even to be found in the Checklist. The various habitats, so important in studying birds, from the deciduous forest to the tundra, are described, and the last section of the work has photographs of these and the birds that frequent them.

The records come from the cards of the ONRS and from historical sources, observatories, naturalists, and so on. The results are "biased" due to the fact that most observers work in the southern part of the province and leave northern Ontario relatively unexplored.

The value of this work will be obvious to the student and scientist. It will also be of real interest to the amateur or occasional bird-watcher, who might be inclined to pass it by. Much of the material is unavailable elsewhere. Ordinary guides do not mention nests or eggs. Recommended for the reference and life science collections and for the general reader interested in birds.

Elinor Kelly, Port Hope, ON.
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