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Carl L. Bedal and James L. Huffman

Toronto, Guidance Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Toronto, c1983.
112pp, paper, $10.95.
ISBN 0-7713-0126-X.

Reviewed by Roger Long.

Volume 11 Number 6.
1983 November.

This is the first book that covers guidance information resources required in Canadian schools. Counsellors, in training or experienced, whose responsibilities lie primarily in the educational system, will find it extremely valuable.

The authors describe the importance of information services and explain how information can be identified, evaluated, selected, and used to help students, parents, and colleagues. Because the authors define "career" as the whole life span including educational, vocational, and personal parts, the information provided is extensive. However, this book is not a bibliography. It describes categories of information and how to obtain, evaluate, and use them.

The book has five sections: 1) overview of the information service, 2) importance of information to the student, counsellor, and school, 3) information sources, 4) evaluation and selection of information, and 5) information usage. It should be useful for any school counsellor, but it should prove particularly valuable for instructors of counsellors or counsellors-in-training. At the end of each chapter there are questions with a range of difficulty for differing levels of experience. It is up to date in its look at computerized information services; I felt however it was somewhat slanted to the Ontario scene. It does give a new awareness to the guidance information service's potential in assisting in the decision-making process.

Roger Long, White Oaks S. S., Oakville, ON.
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