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Peter A. Fried.

Toronto, General Publishing, c1983.
198pp, paper, $9.95.
ISBN 0-7736-1128-2.

Grades 12 and up.
Reviewed by Elizabeth Woodger.

Volume 11 Number 6.
1983 November.

A researcher in the field of drug use and pregnancy, Dr. Fried encourages the reader to take a sober look at the use of alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, marijuana, and medicine by pregnant mothers. He starts his discussion by giving an overview of the growth of the embryo and fetus so that the significance of deviations from normal development will be apparent. The role of the placenta in transferring substances between mother and child is clearly explained, as are the tests to determine the physical and neurological health of the newborn.

With this basis of normalcy in mind, the reader learns of studies that have been made in many different countries. Dr. Fried quotes his sources (mostly medical journals) in a useful bibliography. He is careful to distinguish between what has been proven scientifically, what may be suspected, and what is still being researched. The evidence calls for extreme caution on the part of the expectant mother. This is an informative book that is recommended for senior high school students and for professional use.

Elizabeth Woodger, Msgr. Doyle J. H. S., Cambridge, ON.
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