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Elephant Records, 1981.
Distributed by Elephant Records, Box 101, Station Z, Toronto, ON, M5N2Z3.
1-12", 33 l/3rpm, stereo, $9.98.
Includes The Basic Do-It-Yourself Jugband booklet.

Pre-School-Grade 3.
Reviewed by Bessie Condos Egan.

Volume 12 Number 1
1984 January

Eric Nagler, who has an earlier album of folk music to his credit (A Right and Proper Dwellin, 1977), has produced a creative album of sixteen songs that are accompanied by a group of school-age children from the Daystrom School in Toronto who sing and provide background music on their home-made instruments. Selections are varied and include folk music, "The Booglie Wooglie Piggy," which is a jazz version of the familiar rhyme, "This Little Pig," and a composition that combines the melodies of "Three Blind Mice," "Frere Jacques," and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" into one harmonizing song, which is played on a glass bottle carillon, a saw, and a homemade slide whistle. There is also a song with Sharon, Lois, and Bram. Included with the album is a do-it-yourself jugband booklet with words and music for all of the songs and instructions for building and playing the musical saw, bleach bottle banjo, Jew's harp, washtub bass, tin can bongos, spoons, combs, cornstalk fiddle, slide whistle, glass-bottle carillon, and much more.

Nagler's enthusiasm for home-made music for kids is apparent throughout this fun-filled album. Highly recommended for anyone working with children!

Bessie Condos Egan, Winnipeg P. L., Winnipeg, MB.
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