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Marjorie Holland.

Toronto, Gage Publishing, c1983.
(Jeanpac series).
157pp, paper, $2.95.
ISBN 0-7715-7006-6.

Grades 5 and up.
Reviewed by Jean E. Mabee.

Volume 12 Number 1
1984 January

Mary Lynn, the main character in Champions, is a very shy, sensitive, and believable twelve year old. As a result of an accident she has an artificial eye and is extremely self-conscious, so much so, that she shuns contact with people. She prefers the company of her two Shelties, Toon and Peerie. Dogs don't ridicule and stare the way people do.

Mary Lynn has trained Peerie to compete in obedience trials and becomes heartbroken when she learns that Peerie has "collie eye" and will soon become blind. Mary Lynn is determined that Peerie will have a seeing-eye person. Peerie gets a seeing-eye dog as well because Toon is determined not to be left out.

Being Peerie's eyes and training her gives a strong focus to Mary Lynn's life. Her perseverance and determination is rewarded when Peerie performs so well that she wins a purple ribbon at the dog show.

This is a story of three champions: Peerie, who overcomes blindness to prove that she can win an obedience trial; Toon, who proves his dedication and steadfast devotion to Peerie and Mary Lynn; and Mary Lynn, who proves that helping Peerie overcome her handicap is the first step in overcoming her own handicap.

Guaranteed to bring a smile and a tear to the reader. Recommended for 10 to 12 year olds.

Jean E. Mabee, Dieppe E. S., Winnipeg, MB.
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