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Dennis McCloskey.
Toronto, Three Trees Press, c1983.
95pp., paper, $12.95 (cloth), $5.95 (paper).
ISBN 0-88823-070-2 (cloth), 0-88823-071-2 (paper).

Grades 5-6
Reviewed by Annabelle Goodman.

Volume 12 Number 1
1984 January

Many young boys dream of watching the Maple Leaf hockey team play in Maple Leaf Gardens. Billy Albert lives in Bear River, Prince Edward Island. He is so obsessed with hockey he even talks to the barnyard cattle as though they were National Hockey League stars. His parents feel he is too engrossed with thoughts of hockey and send him to Toronto to visit with family and to "soak up culture."

The events that follow ask a great deal of the reader. Billy Albert misses his family at the train station, and he begins to walk around the city. We are asked to believe that he stumbles into the president of Maple Leaf Gardens. Of course he is invited in to watch a game. Billy Albert even gives advice to the president about the team. One realistic event takes place when Billy Albert is picked up by a man in the train station. Fortunately, no harm is done, and a point is made for young people to refrain from talking to strangers. However, the startling episode may well be forgotten by the end of the book as the reader is captivated by Billy Albert and his adventures in Maple Leaf Gardens.

Students living in Toronto will appreciate the description of tourist places of attraction and visualize Billy Albert visiting these spots. Young readers everywhere in grades 5 to 7 will enjoy Billy Albert's adventure.

Annabelle Goodman, Deer Park P. S., Toronto, ON.
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