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Edited by Keith A. McLeod.

Toronto, Guidance Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Toronto, c1984.
155pp, paper, spiral bound, $12.00.
ISBN 0-7713-0135-9.

Reviewed by Anna L. Holman.

Volume 12 Number 5
1984 September

The editor of Multicultural Early Childhood Education is a professor at the Education faculty of education at the University of Toronto. It is regrettable that the contributors to the main body of this excellent publication are identified only by name, especially since they ask their 'readers to share comments and reactions with them. Presumably they can be reached through the faculty, but it would be helpful to know if they are practicing teachers or consultants and at what level.

The book begins with two general articles on multicultural education and ends with two articles, one on parenting and teaching young children for a multicultural society and one on implications for early childhood education in a multicultural society. Throughout the book, the emphasis is on respect for the cultural heritage of each child. A strong plea is made for seeing cultural diversity as an enriching possibility rather than as a problem.

An article on folktales by David Booth of the University of Toronto faculty of education and Robert Barton of the ministry of education should be required reading by anyone involved in storytelling. It gives good practical advice on the techniques of telling stories and on how folktales contribute to a better understanding of our multicultural heritage. A list of folktales and a bibliography conclude the article.

The main part of the book consists of open-ended activities designed to help children develop a strong, positive self-image so that they can understand and appreciate the role of their family, school and community. The activities are organized into three units: "Me"; "Me and My Family"; "Me, My School, and My Community." Each activity lists objectives, materials/resources, procedure/method, and outcomes/evaluation. An annotated bibliography by Hildy Stollery is included for each unit. These bibliographies should prove very useful to school librarians. Several of the activities recommend involving the school librarian as well as other members of the school staff, parents, and people in the community.

The foreword to the book states "Kindergartners, day-care workers, parents, community workers, and teachers will find this book essential in their effort to work with children in our multicultural society. . .. This book attempts to suggest the means whereby everyday learning activities can be modified or changed to promote children's positive self-concepts." The book gives every indication of having achieved its objective. The proof of the pudding will, necessarily, be in the eating. Highly recommended.

Anna L. Holman, Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario, London, ON.
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