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Kid's Records, 1983. Audiotape. 1 cassette. $10.49.Dis-tributed by Kid's Records, Box 670, Station A, Toronto, Ont., MSW 1G2.

Parent and Professional
Reviewed by Adele L. Massena

Volume 13 Number 1
1985 January

Performed by Sesame Street's Bob McGrath and Orff teacher Katharine Smithrim, The Baby Record is designed primarily for parents but should also prove useful to early childhood educators and anyone responsible for the care of young children. It is a teaching tape, rather than something one would play for a child to listen to. Featuring forty-five traditional rhymes and songs categorized as "Bouncing Rhymes," "Finger and Toe Plays," "Action Rhymes," "Instrumental Play (Drums, Sticks, and Bells)," "Songs" and "Lullabyes," the tape is divided into two age groups: babies and toddlers. Bob and Katharine alternate songs for the most part, singing each one unaccompanied and then explaining the motions and activities to be used. The song is then repeated. This gives the adult listener plenty of time to learn the song, and the lack of instrumental accompaniment will encourage even a hesitant non-singer to join in. Children certainly will not mind a little off-key singing!

The main purpose of the songs and rhymes is to develop a sense of rhythm in young children. This is accomplished in various ways: moving the child's limbs, touching and bouncing the child, banging sticks, changing the speed of actions, altering the voice, etc.

As the tape is only meant to be listened to a couple of times (the songs and actions are easy to memorize), it is an appropriate addition to libraries that serve parents and teachers of young children.

Adele L. Massena, Kingston, Ont.
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