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Michèle Lemieux.
London, England: Methuen, 1984.
unpaged, paperbound boards, $9.95.
ISBN 0-416-49450-1. Distributed by Methuen Canada. CIP.

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Heart-Juvenile fiction.

Kindergarten-grade 2 / Ages 5-7

Reviewed by Wilma D.K. Scott.

Volume 13 Number 1
1985 January

"Oh, I'm so tired!" said the big brown bear waking from a deep sleep. "I was fast asleep, but I thought I heard a noise - a funny little noise. It's still going on. What can it be?" The stage is set for the bear to try and solve his problem. It is not the mice, the baby birds or the frogs. He sets out to explore and enquires about the noise from the tree, the fish and the owl. Each answer concerns what they hear but does not answer the bear's question.

Since the noise seemed to be disappearing, he got a new idea. He stole a basket of tomatoes, and the noise returned like the thump of a drum. A thunder and lightning storm made him hurry back to his den. While running, the noise seemed to be following him; he became frightened. Later in his den when the noise was quieter and slower, the bear began to feel sleepy. It was almost time for his winter sleep. At last, the bear knew where the noise was. It was inside him; it was his heart beating.

In closing, the bear asked, "Can you feel your heart beating there inside you?" He discusses with some children how the heart beat changes with different emotions or actions.

The book is well illustrated and has a good-sized print. This would be a useful addition to an elementary school library.

Wilma D.K. Scott, Taft Street P.S., Cambridge, ON.
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