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Willing, Kathlene R. and Suzanne Girard.

Cobalt (Ont.), Highway Book Shop, c1984. unpaged, paper, $4.95, ISBN 0-88954- 300-3. CIP


Willing, Kathlene R. and Suzanne Girard.

Cobalt (Ont.), Highway Book Shop, c1984. unpaged, paper, $4.95, ISBN 0-88954- 301-1. CIP

Pre-School-Grade 2
Reviewed by William F. Benson

Volume 13 Number 2
1985 March

Kathlene Willing's and Suzanne Girard's two new books, Chippy's Computer Numbers and Chippy's Computer Words do not maintain the same high standard that their primary and junior computer dictionaries established. These two books were meant to be numbers one and two in their four book series, each book in the series leading into the next one.

Across the top of the pages are printed the numbers 1 to 12 in the number book, and the letters A to Z in the word book. The numbers and letters are in black, with the exception of the letter (blue) or the number (red) that is being illustrated on that particular page; good reinforcement for the child. Unfortunately the numbers and letters are printed in a pseudo computer printing style, which children find difficult to read, and which teach poor letter and number habits to the children.

Both books are bright and colourful, and their pages are well laid out. The pictures, to a large extent, are obscure and confusing to any one who does not already have a good computer background. In the number book, the examples for number 11 are joysticks, but no explanation is given about what they are. Explanations are not given in either of the books for what any of the words mean. One of the computer words used is cursor. The picture shows what might be a television-type screen, black with the exception of a small white square. No arrows or explanations are given to indicate what, on that particular page, the cursor is. This same problem occurs frequently in both books. Neither book has a list of the computer words used within them or any definitions of any sort.

The key to both books rests with the forward, which is the same in both books, titled "A Beginning Note." There, the rationale for the book is outlined, and just as clearly it is stated that definitions for these words can be found in their other book, the Primary Computer Dictionary.* Chippy's Computer Words even ends with a two-page spread, showing children in a real life setting using computers and, of course, using the Primary Computer Dictionary also.

If you have a reasonable computer background, you can make good use of these books, more for what they don't show or say than for what they do. If you do not have a good computer background, then these two books are of little use to you, except to cause you to purchase more books in the series. These two books are a poor beginning to what is otherwise a good series. Both books are not recommended for purchase, without major modifications.

William F. Benson, Alexander Park P.S., Golden, B.C.

*Reviewed vol. XII/3 1984, p.127.

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