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Moore, Micki.

Toronto, Methuen, c1984. 231pp, cloth, $18.95, ISBN 0-458-98080-3. CIP

Reviewed by Diane Ikonen

Volume 13 Number 2
1985 March

Making It, a premier autobiographical account, contains personal advice on how to get from life "a satisfying and challenging career, a warm relationship with a partner and family, a feeling of independence, and, most of all, a healthy, unassailable sense of self."

Micki Moore has experienced being a wife, mother, homemaker, working woman, single parent and co-vivant, as well as interviewer/host of the television talk show "You're Beautiful" for six years. She encourages the reader "to focus in on what she wants and to develop the self-knowledge and skills to achieve her goals," as she exhorts the woman of the 80s to drive for self-fulfilment and totality. Through interviewing hundreds of successful people in various facets of life, Micki found "it always came down to the same rock-bottom line: belief in yourself."

On the topic of being realistic, she says, "Not winning is not failure. . .View it as a dress rehearsal-for the next time." Regarding choices:

If you believe you're capable of choosing to think and feel certain things, things that make you happy, then you can stop making choices that make you unhappy. . . .Forsaking the need for approval from others is forsaking the security of childhood. The idea is terrifying. But it's necessary if we're going to grow up and accept the responsibility of our own choices and decisions.

Making It has eight pages of photographs in the centre which show Micki Moore at different points in her career. lt uses chapters as organizational units, with sub-topic headings. Designed for the layperson, it reads easily and quickly, from one example and explanation to the next, in large print, it is similar in content to other self-help, positive-thinking books, evoking admiration for the gutsy people who write them. Micki Moore is a humanist with an abundance of spunk.

Diane Ikonen, Levack D.H.S., Sudbury, Ont.
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