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Anastasiu, Stéphane.

Toronto, James Lorimer, n.d. accordion fold board. $2.94, ISBN 0-88862-765-3. (Little Big Books)


Béha, Philippe.

Toronto, James Lorimer, n.d. accordion fold boards, $2.95, ISBN 0-88862-763-7. (Little Big Books)


Coté, Marie-Josée.

Toronto, James Lorimer, n.d. accordion fold boards, $2.95, ISBN 0-88862-766-1. (Little Big Books)


Levert, Mireille.

Toronto, James Lorimer, n.d. accordion fold board, $2.95, ISBN 0-88862-764-5. (Little Big Books)

Reviewed by Maryleah Otto

Volume 13 Number 2
1985 March

Originally published in French by Ovale of Quebec, this series is intended, according to the advertisement, "for the growing vocabularies and imaginations of children two and up."

Each title consists of eight boards, accordion folded to form six "pages," and a front and back cover. Both sides are printed and a small tab or flap with a velcro slicker keeps it all together. Twelve words, some simple and others multisyllabic compounds, are printed in large black lower case letters beside a small picture identifying their meaning. All are nouns. The idea is to look at these pictures and then turn the book over and find the same objects, slightly disguised by the drawings, in the long composite picture that covers the back of all six pages.

The illustrations are clear, colourful, comical and have enough detail to keep young "readers" searching for quite a while to find the objects on the verso. While they are looking, an adult might add to the lesson by identifying all the other things too.

Reading skills can be taught by covering the picture and directing the child to concentrate on the letters alone. Each book is about 10 x 14 cm. Used by a child on his own, this material will likely have only play value, but with an encouraging adult, it may be an entertaining teaching aid. Still, three dollars seems a fairly high price to pay to learn twelve words, and look at a glossy comic-strip. This seems to be just the thing for doting grandrnama to wrap up for her little pride-and-joy's second birthday.

Maryleah Otto, Etobicoke P.L., Eiobicoke, Ont.
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