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Mowat, Farley.

Toronto, McClelland and Stewart,cl984. 438pp, cloth, $24.9S, ISBN 0-7710-6S56-6.CIP

Grades 11 and up
Reviewed by Elaine Balpataky

Volume 13 Number 2
1985 March

Most readers could name several birds or other animals that are endangered or have become extinct. Probably few, however, are aware of the number of such animals that are native to our own eastern shores, or of the terrible role which we and our forbears have played in bringing about their destruction.

One by one, Farley Mowat tells their stories: birds, fur-bearing animals, fish, whales, walruses and seals. In horrifying detail, he quotes from first-hand accounts and scientific studies to lay bare the "atrocities which man has committed against animate creation." He reveals man's "insatiable lust" for killing and profits that has led him to wage "war" against the other species that inhabit this earth.

Mowat's language is charged with emotion as he exposes the myths whereby we excuse our inexcusable actions. As well, he directly attacks several individuals, organizations and government departments. While his concluding remarks offer some hope, the overall tone of his book is foreboding, if not despairing. Mowat's usual humour is almost totally lacking.

This is an important book-one which must be read by everyone concerned about the fate of the animals, the environment, and ourselves.

Elaine Balpataky, Ingersoll D.C.I., Ingersoll, Ont.
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