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Horai, Wence.

Toronto, Three Trees Press, c1984. 95pp, paper, ISBN 0-88823-085-0 (paperbound boards) $11.95, 0-88823-083-4 (paper) $4.95.

Grades 7 and up
Reviewed by Nadiya Blaine

Volume 13 Number 2
1985 March

Four teenagers stumble upon a time machine when they go to Sudbury on a geology trip. The time machine takes them back two billion years, to the time when a gigantic meteor crashed into the earth, forming today's copper-nickel deposits in Sudbury.

This book has a good story line, but as science fiction goes, I feel that the author did not devote enough of the book to the time machine, nor to the time travel itself. The description of the time machine was somewhat confusing, as I found it difficult to picture the layout of the structure in my mind's eye. There were a couple of other passages that I felt could have been clearer in the sequencing and progression of the events described.

The characters are not well defined. In fact, it is fairly difficult to distinguish one from the other as they all speak the same way. For example, at the end of the book, where the police become involved, the police are referred to as "Bob" and "John." This "John" could very well have been the taxi driver mentioned at the beginning of the book. Perhaps if the author had cut down on the number of characters, he would have been able to give each of them more of a personality.

The excellent graphics on the cover would attract the young reader, but I am afraid they may soon become bored with the book.

Nadiya Blaine, Bertie E.S., Ridgeway, Ont.
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