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Kamin, Philip and Peter Goddard.

Toronto, Methuen. cl984. 96pp, paper. $9.95, ISBN 0-458-98660-7. CIP

Grades 4 and up
Reviewed by Frank Loreto

Volume 13 Number 3
1985 May

For one interested in or at least curious about the success of the popular rock group, Duran Duran, Duran Duran Live could be a source of some information. Overflowing with glossy pictures of the group members, this book would assist the most ignorant of readers in becoming at least visually familiar with Duran Duran. Of the ninety-six pages, nine do not have photographs, thereby allowing for a quick read. Actually, the only strength of this book lies in the photographs, which are slick, bright, and nicely done.

Duran Duran Live does contain a small amount of information concerning the band. The bulk of the writing is a stringing together of quotations from each of the band members. Unfortunately, these quotations do little to show any real reason for this group to exist. In trying lo explain their success, Simon Le Bon states, "There's lots of different things that all add up together. The fact that we're all reasonably photogenic may have something else to do with it. Then there's the fact that our music is very simple ..." Coherency is not one of Le Bon's gifts as is clear in his description of the band's musical direction: "At the moment we are a very alive, very living organism. Everything that surrounds us is very happening. That sounds terrible. We can't say 'it's happening. But everything is happening very fast, and there's a lot of excitement around us, whatever we do ... But we've got something that is exciting. What it is, I'm not sure." That comment sets the tone for the entire book. One learns very little about the band, and the quality of writing is non-existent; it is tedious to read.

The only attraction of Duran Duran Live lies in the photographs. This is also a problem, for the photographs are suitable for framing and an avid Duran Duran fan may be tempted to take some of the boy's home. The pages come loose very easily as my copy resembles a deck of cards after one read. This is not a book to be read in a strong wind. Spend the $9.95 elsewhere, for it would be wasted here.

Frank Loreto, Rainy River H.S., Rainy River, Ont.
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