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Cleaver, Elizabeth.

Toronto, Oxford, c1984. unpaged, paperbound boards, $5.95, ISBN 0-19-540466-1. CIP

Reviewed by Fran Newman

Volume 13 Number 4
1985 July

There are alphabet books of every kind, size and description to be purchased, but the., Canadian ones are scanty. Elizabeth Cleaver's book is not Canadian; in fact, it is not on any one theme, as so many are. It is a simple book of illustrated nouns, "Animals, insects and objects" as stated in the accompanying publisher's blurb. These things are placed on the page rather haphazardly, sometimes Titling together, sometimes not. For example, the "i" page has the connecting "ice," "iceberg," and "igloo" all cuddled together; the then word "ice cream," necessitates an ice crearn cone sitting off to one side. This layout is puzzling, since some of the pages feature two. three or even six objects. Again, "o" is "owl." "onion," "oak tree," and "oyster." The owl sits in the tree, the onion grows beneath, but the oyster seems stuck there, albeit in a bit of water.

But of course, the artwork is beautiful. And the price is right, as is the small size. Children age three to five will enjoy identifying the things, and for all my qualifying statement, I will certainly buy it for my library and for any small people whom I know.

Fran Newman, Spring Valley P.S., Brighton, Ont.
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