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Tremblay, Michel.

Vancouver, Talonbooks, c1984. 58pp, paper, $5.95, ISBN 0-88922-219-3. CIP

Grades 12 and up
Reviewed by Joan McGrath

Volume 13 Number 4
1985 July

The path of love is seldom smooth, but even when it has run its course, and the lovers have gone their separate ways, it is a road remembered. In this one-act play for two characters, Luc, a thirty-two year-old actor, and Jean-Marc, a thirty-eight year-old French teacher, revisit their shared past. Since their parting, Luc has attained a bitter-sweet commercial success in a foolish television series that he despises, having gained security at the cost of artistic integrity and the loss of his privacy. Jean-Marc, whose new live-in lover is just one more in a procession of seductive young students, can no longer deceive himself as to the nature of what he knows to be a transient and fleeting relationship. What is even harder for him to bear, he who once dreamed of becoming a great novelist has had to come to terms with the mediocrity of his talent, with the poverty of his work.

The two men, together for the first time since the end of their affair, recall the shared good times and the bad, wryly face the inexorable passage of time as marked by their first few grey hairs, wrangle a little in a naggingly habitual way that reveals the inevitability of their separation, and comfort one another with a warmth and understanding that revives the memory of a lost but once very real love. This is moving, deeply human drama of a complexity to challenge the most talented of actors, and deserving of the expenditure of that talent.

Joan McGrath, Toronto Board of Education, Toronto, Ont.
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