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Pal, Gabriel.

Ottawa, Canadian Library Association, c1985. 182pp, paper, $25.00, ISBN 0-88802-178-X. CIP

Grades 11 and up
Reviewed by Ted Monkhouse

Volume 13 Number 5
1985 September

"This guide will direct the reader to the significant sources of information and will, more importantly, acquaint the user with the methods of searching and finding information on Canadian (natural) resources." So states the introduction. The source material was "published primarily within the past ten years" emphasizing serial type publications. The thirteen chapters are "Guide to Searching the Literature on Canadian Natural Resources"; "Searching the Periodical Literature"; "Natural Resources"; "Energy Resources," with a subdivision of "Renewable Energy Resources"; "Mineral Resources"; "Land Resources"; "Climate"; "Water Resources"; "Fish, Marine and Wildlife Resources"; "Legal Information"; "Maps"; "Theses"; and "Films". The index, mainly by title entry, does not use differing typeset to distinguish the occasional subject term. However, the titles in the main are reasonably descriptive, allowing the uninitiated to get a form of keyword access to the approximately 850 entries. Additionally, each chapter and its subdivisions has a good introduction that is most helpful in getting a grasp of the whole.

Government and agency publications are still somewhat elusive in the layperson's mind and for the most part not viewed as easily intelligible by those not working in the field. This publication is welcome, as it removes much of the mystery in clear, concise, understandable terms. The general reader was obviously kept in mind throughout the writing process. Sections should be required reading for all students in this area of study. It is also a valuable addition to the librarian's collection of reference tools.

Despite the rather drab and uninteresting format, the value of this book cannot be denied. For the secondary school teacher and teacher-librarian, the book is a wealth of information on this hot topic and should be bought for this curriculum area. As an aid for locating material for interlibrary loan as well as acquisition, it should alleviate countless hours of searching through other bibliographic tools. A shortcoming is the lack of addresses for the numerous non-mainstream agencies and organizations. Many of the resources, however, will be locatable within government document depository libraries. Highly recommended for high schools, community colleges, and universities despite the price tag.

Ted Monkhouse, Wellington Country Board of Education, Guelph, Ont.
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