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Caulfield, Jon.

Toronto, McClelland & Stewart, c1985. 2l3pp, paper, $12.95, ISBN 0-7710-1931-9. CIP

Grades 7-10
Reviewed by Michael Freeman

Volume 13 Number 5
1985 September

"Jon Caulfield is a baseball fan . . ." states the one-sentence biographical note on the back cover. And therein lies the strength and weakness of his "ultimate book for the serious Blue Jays fan." Assuming that the reader lives and dies with the daily fortunes of the team, the author dissects the 1984 Blue Jays season. Day by day, play by play, he outlines the rapidly shifting status of the team, stressing repeatedly the fans' frustrations, as the rival Detroit Tigers quickly open up a big lead over the rest of the league. Detailed statistics, interjected frequently into the text, compare the Blue Jays performance with various other teams, other years, other ball parks, ad infinitum.

Caulfield succeeds brilliantly in this endeavour; however by his very success he limits his readership. The book completely lacks any sense of humanity. The ballplayers appear only as ball players, not people. Their daily struggles to make a living in this most technical of ball games, their successes and failures, are discussed only in terms of their performance on the field. One comes away not knowing, or caring, about the individuals who make up this team. The author never goes beyond his statistical assessments. This failing, in combination with a rather long-winded writing style, will disappoint those readers seeking the "Diary" promised in the title.

Michael Freeman, Bathurst Heights S.S., North York, Ont.
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