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Schlesinger, Benjamin.

Toronto, University of Toronto Press, c1985. 284pp, paper, $17.50, ISBN 0-8020-6565-1. CIP

Reviewed by P.J. Hammel

Volume 13 Number 6
1985 November

This fifth edition, listing 490 items, covers the period from January 1, 1978 to June 1, 1984, (the previous four issues listed 750 items covering the period 1930-1978), and includes: "books, booklets, reports and articles written in English and primarily related to Canadian and American society." Although primarily a bibliography, it also includes, as an introductory feature, five essays that review the research literature in a particular area in order to develop a general picture of the situation and, sometimes, to make recommendations for social policy and/or research. The five areas treated in the essays are: single parent families in Canada, custodial parents, single teen-age mothers, single fathers, and family adaptation after separation.

In the bibliography each item consists of the bibliographic citation plus a descriptive annotation. The annotations range from one sentence (e.g., seven words) to paragraphs of over one hundred words. The items are numbered sequentially, although they are divided into ten categories with sub-divisions in some categories. An author index provides for another entry to the items in the bibliography.

Valuable information for professionals in the social services and guidance areas is presented. However, a series of inconsistencies, which could easily be remedied, make the book simply annoying to the user. Three essays have tables appended, while in another a table is inserted into the text. For each essay the writer's "references" are appended, but in one case they are referred to as a "bibliography." The main bibliography is not clearly identified in the text, whereas the table of contents refers quite specifically to the "Annotated Bibliography." The divisions and subdivisions in the bibliography are also not consistent with the table of contents. In the author index the wide separation between the author's name and the item serial number, here referred to as the "abstract number," makes reading difficult. These kinds of annoyances are inexcusable; I hope future editions will be more carefully edited.

P.J. Hammel, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask.
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