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Petryshyn, Jaroslav.

Toronto, James Lorimer, c1985. 265pp, paper, ISBN 0-88862-926-5 (cloth) $22.95, 0-88862-925-7 (paper) $14.95.CIP

Grades 10 and up
Reviewed by Iyvan Michalchyshyn

Volume 14 Number 3
1986 May

Students of immigration history and anybody researching population in western Canada will be thankful for Jaroslav Petryshyn's effort in this book. His work and diligence as an award-winning editor can be seen in this clearly written piece about a significant time for Ukrainians and Canadians.

There are three main chronological divisions in the book. Within each are to be found appropriate chapter headings, such as "Dual Frontier," "Crossing the Rubicon," "Labouring Frontier," and "Social and Institutional Frontier." The writer has applied corrective medicine to give us this volume about Ukrainians, their migration and their settlement. The perspective of both Ukrainian and Canadian communities is analyzed to produce a balanced and clearer view of this time period. Using intellectual and social factors, the author creates an understanding of what Ukrainian migration was all about. The inner machinations of the host community are also viewed with these same factors. He very neatly traces both groups up to 1914.

The book is scholarly, but not enough to dampen its readability. It is abundantly footnoted and has an index to permit easy access. A representative sampling of photographs, maps, and a selected bibliography make the book useful for all readers.

This volume is one of very few dealing with this specific time period and topic. Many articles have been written about immigration in western Canada but it is refreshing to see a fairly comprehensive treatment in one edition. Petryshyn has not been too heavy handed in his treatment or approach. This book would be a most useful addition in all libraries and it would be an invaluable aid in history courses, or as a reference for multicultural topics.

Iyvan Michalchyshyn, Gordon Bell H.S., Winnipeg, Man.
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