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Wiebe, Rudy and Bob Beal.

Toronto, McClelland and Stewart, c1985. 192pp, cloth, ISBN 0-7710-8973-2 (cloth) $34.95, 0-7710-8973-2 (paper) $19.95. CIP

Grades 9 and up
Reviewed by J.D. Ingram

Volume 14 Number 3
1986 May

Rudy Wiebe may best be remembered for his book, The Temptations of Big Bear.* Bob Beal recently co-authored Prairie Fire** with Rod Macleod. For Beal, this is a book of "images, written and visual, a collection of contemporary impressions." They have organized their sources chronologically, and specific dates throughout 1885 appear at the top of each page.

There is a very interesting range of excerpts, and virtually all make interesting reading. Alexander Stewart's account of the Duck Lake battle incident tells how he was wounded:

My horse belonged to Dick Pritchard, of Kildonan, and was pretty well peppered with shot on the hip, but he came through all right. The ball, before striking me, passed through Joe McKay's horse's nose, but did not kill him.

Lewis Ord wrote a book with the ingenuous title, Reminscences of a Bungle by one of the Bunglers.*** in which he speaks caustically of General Middleton. One incident describes how said General provided some amusement by. ". . .sliding over his horse's quarters and coming down in a most undignified sitting posture in the rich black mud. He did not fall with grace either, being somewhat of the build of Falslaff. . .. How we wished that the hole had been bottomless...."

There are many good pictures and drawings (120 in all) and two maps. Surely one of the most telling of Bengough's cartoons is the one depicting John A. Macdonald appealing to Madame Justice.

There is no index, but the book does not really require one. Print, paper, and layout are all well clone. Recommended. Potential buyers should note the difference in price between the cloth and paper editions.

J.D. Ingram. Gordon Bell H.S.. Winnipeg, Man.

*Reviewed vol. V/l Winter 1977 p. 44.
**Reviewed vol.XIII/4 July 1985 p. 168.
***Reviewed vol. XIII/4 July 1985 p.177.

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