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Multiculturalism Canada and the National Film Board, 1983. Sound Filmstrip. 1-68 frames, colour. $38.00. Includes 1 audio cassette, teacher's guide. Distributed by McIntyre Educational Media, 30 Kelfield St., Rex-dale, Ont., M9W 5A2.

Grade 4 and up
Reviewed by the Evaluation Committee of the Board of Education for the City of North York

Volume 14 Number 4
1986 July

Not So Different is a story about a make-believe land, where sameness is the rule. When strangers arrive with obvious differences, everyone begins to question the norms of society. After experimenting with the idea of being different to hilarious extremes, the people of the land decide that the best rule is to be sometimes the same and sometimes different. Done skilfully through animation, this presentation emphasizes some significant multicultural concepts and the benefits to be derived from cultural diversity. It can be used to introduce a multicultural unit of study, cutting across all subject areas. The detailed teacher's guide outlines the learning objectives, teaching strategies, some suggested activities, and a useful resource list. Recommended.

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