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Smith, Brian.

St. Catharines (Ont.), Vanwell Publishing, c1986. 93pp, paperbound boards, $12.95, ISBN 0-920277-04-7. (Vanwell Geography Project series). CIP

Grades 7-9
Reviewed by Alma Webster

Volume 15 Number 1
1987 January

This is the first in a new geographical series with another title in preparation. If the other titles are as complete and readable as Fruit Growing, they will be welcomed in Canadian schools. The author is a professional geographer, currently head of geography at a secondary school in the Niagara Peninsula. He has had considerable experience in the preparation of curriculum materials at the provincial and county levels. Don Revell, the project consultant, is also a graduate in geography, the author of several textbooks, and presently employed as a consultant in social sciences and outdoor education for the Lincoln County Board of Education.

The title, Fruit Growing in Canada, indicates both the subject and the scope of the book. It is an overall look at the industry, indicating where fruit growing occurs in Canada, the factors affecting it, and the immediate and future problems of the industry. The author has given a very objective treatment. More examples are used from Ontario than elsewhere, but this does not detract from its value. The content is well organized and will be read easily by pupils at the junior high school level. It should even be valuable to older students requiring information on Canadian economic factors.

The book is copiously illustrated with thirty photographs, eight maps, three graphs, and three charts, all in black and white. A few photographs are too dark; that of the peach orchard, the blueberry harvester, and the mechanical cherry picker have little definition. All illustrations complement the text, with many referred to by number. Two errors were noted in these references. In the pruning paragraph, the illustration referred to is on planting and the pick-your-own paragraph refers the reader to the photograph on using all the land. Each chapter includes a number of questions and activities that should be teacher-directed. Under "More Information Please. . .!" names and addresses are given. A three-page glossary and an index are included. The illustrations are indexed. The print is clear and large making it appear easier to read than it actually is. Recommended for use in Canadian studies.

Alma Webster, Edmonton, Alta.
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