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Strahlendorf, Evelyn Robson.

Ottawa, Booklore Publishers, c1986. 421pp. cloth. $45.95, ISBN 0-9692586-0-7. Distributed by Booklore Publishers, P.O. Box 4370, Station E, Ottawa, Ont., K1S 5B4.CIP

Grades 10 and up
Reviewed by donalee Moulton-Barrett

Volume 15 Number 3
1987 May

If you collect dolls, Evelyn Robson Strahlendorf’s comprehensive reference book, Dolls of Canada, should be on your nearest shelf. Although there are brief discussions of doll manufacturers strategically placed throughout this guide to the wonders of childhood (and now adulthood), most of the book's material focuses on providing brief descriptions, and frequently black-and-white glossy snaps, of the dolls themselves. While colour photos would be ideal, it would also put the price of the book beyond the range of many collectors. As it is now, the collector will have to look carefully, and reread the thorough text, for facts and clues about their prized possessions. The photos, however, are quite large (usually several inches high) and detail is apparent in most of them.

The wonder to a collector of such an exhaustive book as Dolls of Canada is twofold. First, that someone else has done the massive amount of research necessary to compile such a reference and second, that most of the information they will need is now conveniently at their fingertips. Section after section of facts, figures, and relevant information.

Just one example from Dolls of Canada shows the time and effort Strahlendorf has devoted to the work. There is Little Lulu, manufactured in 1949 by the Earle Pullan Company (Toronto). Lulu has a cloth body with a swivel-type cloth head, black-painted eyes, and a black wig with red hairbow. She also has a watermelon mouth. And there is more. Nearly five hundred pages in fact, of almost everything the serious and beginning collector would want to know about this country's dolls.

donalee Moulton-Barrett, Halifax, N.S.
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