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Edited by L.D. McCann

2nd ed. Scarborough (Ont.). Prentice-Hall. c1987. 587pp, paperbound boards, $28.45, ISBN 0-13-385154-0. CIP

Grades 11 and up
Reviewed by Fred May

Volume 15 Number 3
1987 May

This volume is an update of McCann's 1982 work, which was a fresh approach to the regional geography of Canada. Traditional regional analysis of the nation has often used the physical regions of the country as a framework. McCann's book develops an approach to Canada based on the notion of a metropolis or heartland dominating extensive resource-based hinterlands. This perspective leads to a deepened understanding of the regional disparities in Canada today, which underlie much of the political and economic tension in our nation.

All fourteen contributors to the first edition are represented in this book. The thirteen major chapter headings are the same. However, the statistics are updated from 1971-76 to 1981-82, several new maps and diagrams are included, and much of the text is rewritten to try to respond to some criticisms of the earlier work. For example, there is more discussion of the role of the physical environment in the heart land-hinterland process. A new concluding chapter has been added to try to provide an overview of the book in relation to chapter 1, where McCann develops the heartland-hinterland framework for regional analysis.

This volume remains a useful resource for senior high school or introductory college geography courses on Canada. Canadian history teachers with courses including units on regional tension would also find this a useful resource. With its complete index and chapter references, this edition (as did the first) suffers only from the lack of colour in the maps and photographs.

Fred May, North Albion C.I., Etobicoke, Ont.
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