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vol. 1--, 1978--. Toronto. Music Gallery. 4 issues a year. $10.00 (individual); $18.00 (institutional); with cassette $22.00 and $36.00. Distributed by Music-works, 1087 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ont., M6J 1H3. Examples: no. 26, Winter 1984 (with cassette); no. 35. Summer 1986; no. 36, Fall 1986.

Grades 11 and up
Reviewed by Walter Kalyn

Volume 15 Number 3
1987 May

After looking at several issues of Musicworks, I find it difficult to succinctly describe this publication. Therefore, I will quote from their self-description, which is probably as accurate as anything I could come up with. “Musicworks is a quarterly journal-with-cassette. . .; serves as a resource of information on innovations in new and possible musics—human and otherwise, . .; presenting methods and practices of many musical forms including contemporary-classical, improvised and electronic and soundscape. . .; investigates notions of and inspirations from animals, dance, science, machines, stars and other things. . .; presents a sounding of the world from a Canadian perspective." That is quite a broad range. The emphasis seems to be on what might be described as off beat (no pun intended), not the kinds of things one usually finds in school music courses. The publication is tabloid style, the accompanying cassette is a good quality audio illustration of the publication. After listening to the one I received, I was reminded of listening to "Two New Hours" on CBC-FM.

This publication will be of interest to anyone interested in new and unusual aspects of music. It could be used in a high school setting by a music teacher delving into this kind of material. So, if you are looking for articles on such diverse topics as "Native and Metis Fiddling in Western Manitoba," "Harmonic Meeting," "Music in the Cold," "Taperecorder Sculpture," or "The Perception of Colour Through Music," you might be interested in this publication. I would think that at the school level it would be of interest mostly to teachers or students with an advanced interest in composition and musical innovation.

Walter Kalyn, Thom C.I., Regina, Sask.
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