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vol. 1--, 1940--. Toronto, Teen Generation. 6 issues a year. $7.50. Distributed by Teen Generation, 202 Cleveland St., Toronto, Ont., M4S 2W6. Examples: vol. 46, nos. 4 & 5, September and October 1986.

Grades 9 and up
Reviewed by Kenneth A. Elliott

Volume 15 Number 3
1987 May

T.G. is published for teenage youth. Its advisory board consists of fourteen students from across Canada. This magazine, directed at the younger generation, is written for, and by, growing young men and women who are exploring their options. Regular columns talk about medical advice, ideas for lifestyle, personal growth, and career opportunities.

Besides the poetry sprinkled sparingly in each issue, the articles written by both teens and professionals demonstrate clarity and precision. The regular column, "Feeling Great," gives practical advice about how to feel better about oneself. In another article, Nicholas Purdon relates his feelings and learning experiences with twenty-nine other people on board a two-masted vessel on Georgian Bay for a ten-day course.

Fashion, hair styles, even the advertisements are made with the modern teenager in mind. Contests involving fashion and writing are given prime space in the issue. Cartoons are tastefully done. The colour scheme and photos are well selected and attractive. In the October issue, the article by Rick Washbrook about his success in the musk field will give future music makers added incentive to keep working hard.

The kinds of articles written for T.G. make it a magazine useful in the classroom, as well. A teacher in moral education will find the material in "The New Male" useful in studying stereotypes in society. The articles dealing with the feelings of teens will prove useful in classes on psychology and personal development.

Any library that services the educational needs of teenagers today will find T.G. difficult to keep on the shelf. Any teacher who is afforded flexibility in program development will find this magazine a useful adjunct to the curriculum.

Kenneth A. Elliott, Laval Catholic H.S., Chomedey, Que.
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