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Halifax, Crazy Quilt Press. vol. 1--, 1979--. Once a year. $15.00 (3 years). Distributed by Crazy Quilt Press, c/o 19 Oakhill Drive. Halifax, N.S., B3M 2V3. Example: vol. 8, 1986/87.

Grades 10 and up
Reviewed by Ruth Cosstick

Volume 15 Number 4
1987 July

Once a year a glossy periodical comes from Atlantic Canada, containing the poetry and prose of promising new writers, along with a small representation from more established authors. Each submission is followed by a brief biographical note. The current issue has four new editors, replacing Lesley Choice, who remains a contributor of poetry. Seven prose pieces are scattered throughout the magazine which has an eye-catching red-and-black cover on white.

Jane Hilton wittily describes Sidney Greenbottle's struggles with his plastic house, a perceptive comment on today's consumer society. Several of the stories have a surrealist tone-"The Man in the Mountain" by Mark Gordon and Harold Walters's "The Pied Prophet," which gives a futuristic twist to the ancient fable. "Acquaintances," a poignant story of two misfits whose paths have temporarily crossed, is the first work of fiction by Lynn Davis, a Dartmouth writer. One of the more established contributors is Silver Donald Cameron. His mythic play for radio, "The Sisters," has been aired on the CBC and internationally. Spider Robinson takes a break from his usual science fiction to present an upbeat little essay on "How I Spent my Summer Vacation.

The over twenty Maritime poets included are as versatile as the writers of prose. Many of the poems printed here have also been read over the CBC. They represent a wide variety of voices-young, fresh, energetic, sometimes ironic, but always caring and contemporary.

The new editors of this volume have obviously chosen their selections with a discerning eye for quality, intent on maintaining the high standard set by their predecessor. This is a distinctive periodical.

Ruth Cosstick, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ont.
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