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British Columbia Teacher Librarians' Association, 1987. Sound Filmstrips. $225.00 for CSLA or BLTA members. S325.00 plus handling for non-members. Includes three VHS or Beta videocassettes. (1) "What's Happening? Why Change?" 21:30. (2) "Planning and Teaching Together" 20:45. (3) "Co-operative Planning & Teaching-Programs in Action" 26:50. Distributed by Field Development Office, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia.

Reviewed by Marilyn Aldworth

Volume 15 Number 6
1987 November

The three videos, "What's Happening, Why Change?" "Planning and Teaching Together," "Co-operative Planning and Teaching-Programs in Action," together with the handbook Fuel for Change, will certainly provide the rationale for change in any school or school district that has not yet committed itself to the practice of co-operative planning and teaching. The video kit is a complete program suitable for inservice sessions with school administrators, teachers, teacher-librarians, and student-teachers. The "Workshop Leader's Guide" was not available for review.

For those who are skeptical of to-operative planning and teaching or those who are resistant to changes in the role of teacher-librarian, the first video, "What's Happening, Why Change?" should convince them that they must be responsive to change in this age of information overload. Also, changes in learning styles mean that the library resource centre program and the partnership between teacher and teacher-librarian are critical for success in achieving educational goals. Interviews with a very articulate student, principals, university dean, and school district personnel all lend credibility, as do the quotes from information gurus such as John Naisbitt of Megatrends (Warner Books, 1983) fame.

The second video, "Planning and Teaching Together," provides more rationale for the co-operative teaching and planning model. No longer is it enough to teach students just facts—the challenge of the educator is to teach students how to select, process, and evaluate information. There are many advantages and benefits to this collaborative approach. Research and study skills are taught in context of the curriculum; greater individual attention is possible with the presence of both teacher and teacher-librarian; the active inquiry method is motivating for students, and this model is both flexible and practical. Important factors to ensure success of this model are communication by the teacher-librarian, support from the principal, and hard work.

The third video, "Programs in Action," shows how the co-operative planning and teaching actually works. We see the teacher and teacher-librarian going through the planning process stating objectives, goals, content, and then discussing methods of presentation, record-keeping, evaluation of the unit and student progress, and ways to ensure the unit is success oriented. The demonstration of both elementary and secondary units will give all viewers practical tips, and above all, confidence to try a cooperatively planned and taught unit.

This video package was a successful co-operative venture among BCLTA's continuing education representative, Patricia Shields, and UBC's distance education director, Ron Neufeld, and faculty of education curriculum librarian, Jo-Anne Naslund, with the support of the Canadian Library Association. The Fuel for Change manual is very worthwhile on its own, but as part of this kit, it supplements the videos nicely, with many examples of co-operatively planned units. It also cites references for those who want even more fuel for the cause.

I found these videos to be well paced, comprehensive, and convincing, but perhaps a bit more imagination, maybe a touch of humour, would have lent some inspiration to the topic. Although I find live presentations to be the best kind of inservice, this video kit rates a close second, and even better when used in a complementary fashion.

While many school districts will have had their share of professional development devoted to this topic, I would still recommend the video package as a district purchase.

Marilyn Aldworth, Curriculum Services Centre, North Vancouver School Board, North Vancouver, B.C.
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