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Blakeslee, Mary.

Richmond Hill (Ont.), Scholastic-TAB, 1987. 128pp, paper, $3.95, ISBN 1-590-71680-8. CIP

Grades 5 to 7
Reviewed by Gerri Young

Volume 16 Number 1
1988 January

Sixteen-year-old Edith has just moved to a new home, a new school. She is fearful about whether or not she will have new friends in this affluent area. Edith feels that her family is not important or prestigious enough for her new neighbourhood and the girls she wishes for her friends, so she lies and invents to make her family, and hence herself, more "acceptable." Her mother drives a milk delivery truck and her father is a magician.

Edith is a little ashamed of these occupations and tries to mislead people. However, the more one lies the more one has to, and it becomes difficult for Edith to keep up the pretenses. She finally realizes she is wrong, admits her mistakes, shows great loyalty to her father and stops spelling Edith as Edythe. Her fears about being different and unacceptable were partly imaginary, partly fuelled by her grandmother's views of social status.

This is easily read, moves fast, and some of the crises are funny. The main issue here about putting on airs and wanting to belong to the "in" crowd could apply to a much younger audience as well as the sixteen-year-old dating group in this book. The characters here seem younger than most sixteen-year-olds, so the book's greatest appeal will be to pre-teen and early teen girls, who will enjoy it.

Gerri Young, Fort Nelson, B.C.
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