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Urkin, G.W. and J.P. Matresky.

Markham (Ont.), Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1987. 64pp, paper, $4.95, ISBN 0-889.02-518-5. (Canada in the Twentieth Century Series). CIP

Grades 6 and up
Reviewed by Iyvan Michalchyshyn

Volume 16 Number 2
1988 March

This book, World War I by Larkin and Matresky, is the latest offering from Fitzhenry and Whiteside's series "Canada in the Twentieth Century." The authors have written a very simple overview of the war and its effects on Canada. The book's style is succinct and does not deviate from the other well-known series published by this firm. It is well illustrated and includes maps, headline clips, diagrams, and archival photographs. Six basic chapters form the framework of the book. Students from grades 6 and up would have no difficulty with the vocabulary.

Some flaws result from the attempt to cover every Canadian issue. The Russian Revolution is never mentioned. Maps, to be fully understood, should not straddle two pages. The photographs are in some cases not very effective. No references or bibliography are included. World War I witnessed technology (artillery, tanks, submarines, etc.) as a major factor, and this book does not give us any diagrams or blow-ups of the many new inventions used.

This book and series are meant to be general in overview, and in this respect Larkin and Matresky have been true to their objective. For others more interested there is an abundance of similar material which has more detail and data, such as the Blackwell History Series (First World War). I can still safely recommend this book and also believe that many dealing with current curricula will find it a good place to start any type of study.

Iyvan Michalchyshyn, Gordon Bell H.S., Winnipeg, Man.
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