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Hood, Kit and Linda Schuyler with Eve Jennings.

Toronto, James Lorimer. 1988. 166pp, paper, ISBN 1-55028-070-8 (cloth) $12.95. 1-055028-068-6 (paper) $4.95. (The Kids of Degrassl St. series). CIP

Grades 3 to 6
Reviewed by Dave Jenkinson

Volume 16 Number 6
1988 November

Three more stories based on episodes from the award-winning "Kids of Degrassi Street" TV series. The suit Noel Canard buys is for the wedding of his widowed father. After eight years of not having to share his father with anyone, Noel resents his future stepmother's intrusion into their lives because, according to Noel, she wants to change everything, such as the house colour, the location of the dishes, and other family routines. In "Sophie Minds the Store," Sophie operates the family corner store while her father recovers from an accident and her mother is away at a wedding. Schoolmate Chuck Riley tries to befriend Sophie but ends up being accused of stealing money from the cash register.

Finally, in "Pete Takes a Chance," Pete Riley, who wants to get a lot of money quickly, bypasses the slow route of a regular job for the possibilities of fast returns from various schemes including a joke selling business, which he bankrolls with Lisa Canard's money. The Joke business yields a profit, but Pete "invests" both his and Lisa's money in raffle tickets. The three stories conclude with their central juvenile characters' having achieved some growth in self-knowledge.

Each story is divided into five to seven titled chapters and is illustrated with some half-dozen line drawings. The book's cover incorporates a full-colour photo from the book's title episode.

Dave Jenkinson, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Man.
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