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Cameron, Anne.

Illustrated by Nelle Olsen, Madeira Park (B.C.), Harbour Publishing. 1988. 27pp. paper. $4.95, ISBN 0-920080-73-1. CIP


Cameron, Anne.

Illustrated by Nelle Olsen. Madeira Park (B.C.), Harbour Publishing, 1988. 25pp, paper, $4.95, ISBN 0-920080-63-4. CIP

Grades 4 to 8
Reviewed by Patricia Fry

Volume 16 Number 6
1988 November

These two titles can be added to four Indian legends presented earlier by Anne Cameron. Like the others, these will prove useful in any study of North American native peoples and mythology.

Spider Woman explains how the earth was rescued and tied securely in place when it threatened to slip from its hole in the sky blanket. According to this legend, when the world slipped, Vancouver Island broke away from the mainland and floated to its present location. Unfortunately, at that same time the Birds of Torment flew through the gaps in the sky bringing with them such maladies as toothache and headache. Spider Woman came to the earth's rescue and wove her strands to anchor the hole before propping it firmly in place with the tallest tree. To this day, so the story goes, spiders and trees have a symbiotic relationship.

Lazy Boy is a legend explaining how people's kindness in caring for an abandoned baby eventually saved the world from destruction. This legend is plot-heavy and will, for that reason, appeal to young readers. The baby eats and sleeps until he is twice the size of a grown man. When the village is threatened by flood waters, Lazy Boy achieves giant stature to effect its rescue.

The black-and-white illustrations, which face the printed page, are detailed and very interesting.

Patricia Fry, Toronto, Ont.
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