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Toronto, Institute for Catholic Education, 1987. Program contains the following:

AIDS EDUCATION: LESSONS AND MASTERS, GRADES 7 & 8. 38pp, paper. $4.00, ISBN 0-9693186-2-6.
AIDS EDUCATION: LESSONS AND MASTERS, GRADES 9 & 10. 31pp. paper. $4.00. ISBN 0-9693186-3-4.
AIDS EDUCATION: TEACHER'S GUIDEBOOK AND RESOURCE MATERIALS. GRADES 7-10. 56pp, paper. $4.00. ISBN 0-9693186-1-8. ISBN for complete set 0-9693186-0-X. Distributed by Institute for Catholic Education, Suite 604, 10 St. Mary Street. Toronto, Ont. M4Y 1P9.

Reviewed by Kenneth Elliott

Volume 17 Number 1
1989 January

On page 5 of the Teacher's Guidebook the authors make it abundantly clear that all issues related to sexuality must be taught in the framework of Roman Catholic belief and moral values. Each fascicle is divided into three chapters: teacher materials, lesson plans and masters. There are three lessons for each grade level: AIDS, the facts; sexual responsibility and AIDS; and AIDS: a story of people. In the section on resource materials a detailed selection of statements from Canadian and American bishops is reproduced for the teacher's background information. A combined set of Fact Sheets from the Ontario Ministry of Health is also provided for the teacher. Completing the fascicle is the complete text of the U.S. Surgeon General's report on AIDS.

There is not a medical doctor among the twenty-four members of the Committee on AIDS Education who prepared these volumes. Priests, religious sisters. a religious brother and laymen are on the committee. The glossary of terms on page 10 lists a mere thirty-nine words. Among the audiovisual resources, a paltry three are recommended by the committee. The glaring absence of a list of Canadian sources for AIDS assistance, audiovisual or bibliography is inexcusable.

The most extensive and developed part of the program deals with the Roman Catholic teaching on chastity, sexuality, marriage, and homosexuality. The latter issue is handed with great openness and sensitivity. These sections are the most valuable part of the fascicles.

Focusing on the moral issue of AIDS has skewed the transmission of the facts of AIDS. The organization of the material within the volumes leaves much to be desired. The teacher has to rearrange the material. There are no masters ready for reproduction to be given to the students, and the illustrations are poorly done and confusing.

Kenneth Elliott, Laval Catholic High School, Chomedey, Que.
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