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Text and illustrations by Roger Pare. Montreal. Heritage-La courte echelle. 1986. Set contains 10 puzzle pairs, 4 games and 1 book. $19.95. ISBN 2-7625-5175-7. Distributed by Servidec. 50 Main Street, Ottawa. Ont. KIS 1B2.

Pre-school to Grade 1 /Ages 3 to 6
Reviewed by Joanne Robertson

Volume 17 Number 3
1989 May

A boxed learning set. 1, 2, 3... Play With Me. is the English translation of Les chiffres (La courte echelle. 1986, 1987). It contains ten double-sided puzzle pairs, a ten-page book with full-page colour illustrations, and a four-page instruction guide. The activities are well suited to interactive play. Children are required to make observations and associations and to explain the choices made.

Each number from 1 to 10 has a two-piece interlocking puzzle. The obverse side of the puzzle shows the number and an illustration; the reverse side has a corresponding illustration, which includes many objects to count. All puzzle pieces have the same cut-out shape. This allows the child to match any obverse puzzle piece with any reverse puzzle piece.

The illustrations in the book and the rhymes at the bottom of the pages correspond to the illustrations on the puzzle pieces. The child is encouraged to make associations in order to match the puzzle pairs correctly.

The puzzles are self-checking. On the reverse side the number is matched with an appropriate number of geometric shapes. Each number is a different colour and five shapes are used. The child can match the colours with those used in the illustrations and search for similar shapes.

The instruction guide, which offers many suggestions, will be most useful to those who are not familiar with number, colour or matching activities. More than a simple match the objects with the number activity. 1,2,3... Play with Me presents many opportunities for learning.

Joanne Robertson, Dauphin, Man.
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