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1988 Notable Canadian Non-Fiction for Children

By Bessie Egan
Winnipeg Public Library, Winnipeg, Man.

Volume 17 Number 4

Dickinson, Terence. Exploring the Sky by Day. Camden East (Ont.): Camden House, 1988.

Ekoomiak, Normee. Arctic Memories. Toronto: NC Press, 1988.

Farris, Katherine (ed.). I Didn't Know That. Toronto: Grey de Pencier, 1988.

Fleischman, Paul. Joyful Noise. Illustrated by Eric Beddows. New York Harper and Row, 1988.

Forsyth, Adrian. Journey through a Tropical Jungle. Toronto: Grey de Pencier, 1988.

Francis, Neil. Super Flyers: How to Make Them and Why They Fly. Illustrated by June Bradford. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1988.

Geddes, Bruce and Stephanie Papp Geddes. Brian Orser. Markham (Ont.): Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1988.

Gold, Carol. How Sport Works: An Ontario Science Centre Book. Illustrated by Pat Cupples. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1988.

Granfield, Linda. All About Niagara Falls: Fascinating Facts and Dramatic Discoveries. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1988.

Hebert, Marie-Francine. Welcome to the World. Illustrated by Darcia Labrosse. Montréal: Heritage-La courte échelle, 1988.

Hickman, Pamela. Birdwise. Illustrated by Judie Shore. Toronto: Kids Can Press for the Federation of Ontario Naturalists, 1988.

Ingram, Jay. Twins: An Amazing Investigation. Toronto: Grey de Pencier, 1988.

McDonald, Bob and Eric Grace. Wonderstruck. Illustrated by Bob Binks and Gary Pearson. Toronto: CBC Enterprises, 1988.

MacPherson, Mary. Birdwatch. Illustrated by Virginia Douglas. Toronto: Summerhill Press, 1988.

Newlands, Anne. ,Meet Edger Degas. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1988

Reid, Barbara.Playing with Plasticine.Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1988

Service, Robert W.The Shooting of Dan McGrew.Illustrated by Ted Harrison. Toronto: Stoddart, 1988

Suzuki, David.Looking at Weather.Toronto: Stoddart, 1988

Thornhll, Jan.The Wildlife ABC: A Nature Alphabet.Toronto: Grey Pencier, 1988

Wideman, Ron. David Suzuki. Markham (Ont): Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1988

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