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Susan Kerslake

Porters Lake (N.S.), Pottersfield Press, 1989. 124pp, paper, $9.95
ISBN 0-919001-53-X. CIP

Grades 12 and up/Ages 17 and up
Reviewed by Margaret Maclean.

Volume 17 Number 5
1989 September

Blind Date is a collection of twelve short stories that are not memorable. I inadvertently read several of them more than once only to find that I had made marginal notations in an effort to come to grips with what was being said. Examples of my notations are 'face' where I believe 'fact' was meant; 'it's' where 'its' was needed and then 'her's' (is that English?). I put some of the problems down to the speller in a computer program. (We need to program for English grammar and syntax as well.)

Definite moods and tensions are established in the stories. Events are seen through the eyes of children, the-very old, or very mysterious. All are threatening, uncertain, and sad. Some arc inconclusive to the point of just stopping rather than being finished.

The very superior senior high school student who needs a literary parallel for a subject in family studies such as the aged, the very young, incest, death, or related unhappy conditions may find such a story in this collection. Generally, however, Blind Date is a public library acquisition.

Margaret Maclean, Central Tech­nical School Library, Toronto, Ont.
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