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Brian Banks

Camden East (Ont.), Camden House Publishing, 1989. 120pp, cloth, $29.95, ISBN 0-920656-72-2
Distributed by Firefly. CIP

Grades 10 and up/Ages 15 and up
Reviewed by Ed Somerville.

Volume 18 Number 3
1990 May

Satellite Images provides a unique and striking perspective on Canada's varied geography. Images are transmitted to earth from orbiting satellites such as the LANDSAT. These images provide scientists with information on a variety of geographic topics including agricultural crops, forestry, urban land use, glaciation, and environmental or pollution damage. The marriage of digital source information from satellite with computer-enhanced imagery provides a striking product of maps with qualities of abstract art but with the informative nature of a traditional atlas - albeit from an entirely new perspective.

This book could be useful in upper grade (10 to 12) social studies courses with an emphasis on physical geography. The description of the technology of remote sensing, although not scientifically detailed, might make the book useful in science or technology courses. The book is written for the lay audience, but its readability would make it appropriate for senior secondary or university students.

The first twenty pages of this book provide an introduction and explanation of the remote sensing technology and the interpretive value of images created by this process. The rest of the book consists of forty-eight double-page spreads. These consist of a full-page map with an accompanying brief commentary and interpretation opposite. The commentaries are not technical, but rather they stress the human or environmental aspects derived from the map. All regions of Canada are represented. Canadian outline map insets identify each individual map in the context of the Canadian perspective. The quality of the visuals and map reproductions is excellent; they are the most remarkable aspect of this book.

Satellite Images provides a unique addition to the study of Canadian geography.

Ed Somerville, Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School, Red Deer, Alta.
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