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Scotter, George W. et al.
Saskatoon, Western Producer Prairie Books, 1990. 191pp, paper, $22.95, ISBN 0-88833-305-6. CIP

Grades 10 and up/Ages 15 and up

Reviewed by Elinor Kelly

Volume 18 Number 5
1990 September

Don't leave home without it, not if you are planning to visit any of the parks. I wish I had had it years ago on my first visit.

This guide to the birds of the Rockies list about two hundred birds from the loon to the house sparrow known to be found in the region. All the spectacular ones like the Stellar's jay and the mountain bluebird and the rosy finches that so delight the visitor are here. A list of all records is given at the back and may be used as a checklist.

The text is written by Scotter, who has been with the Canadian Wildlife Service for many years. The photographs are from the collections of Tom J, Ulrich and Edgar T. Jones, both known for their work in film. The birds are described on the left and the picture is opposite on the right, so there is no flipping of pages.

The photographs as far as I can tell are more that ususally good for purposes of identification. The usefulness of an area guide with all the impossibles and improbables omitted cannot be overemphasized. The purpose of this first field guide is to help the ordinary observer to recognize and to enjoy the birds without getting bogged down in too much technical terminology, and in this it succeeds admirably.

This is a must for every library in or near the Rockies and for every backpack, car or window sill. It is to be hoped it will be widely available for visitors in all the shops.

Elinor Kelly, Port Hope, Ont.

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