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Weston (Ont.), E.Q. Productions, 1990. Audio cassette, 90 minutes, $12.00; lyric book, $5.00
Tape and book available from E.Q. Productions, P.O. Box 39086, Weston, Ont. M9P 3V2

Pre-school to Grade 1/Ages 3 to 6
Reviewed by Joan Welter.

Volume 18 Number 6
1990 November

With so many music tapes on the market, musicians and songwriters must be very competitive, offering listeners something special. Listeners and participants will enjoy this tape with its fifteen original songs for young children.

Here is where songwriter and singer Markus excels. The other five songs on the tape, although well performed, arc less memorable. Variety marks mood and message of his tunes and poetic words. With appropriate back-up from a variety of instruments, a children's choir and even some over-sound effects, the songs' rhythms change from waltz to hoedown, from rock to lullaby depending on the mood and message.

Some tunes are infectious and will inspire the children to sing and dance. Who can resist joining in the chorus of "Wiggawoggawomp" and "Party Animals" or swaying to the lyrical "Let's Have Some Fun Today" and "Sing a Happy Song." Likewise, children may just cosy down alone to listen to the narrative song, "The Old Dark House," and fall off for a nap to "Mr. Moon" and "The Sun Goes Down Lullabye."

The tape's overall arrangement of songs is appealing with its beginning song, "Going on a Trip Today," inviting children to stand, spin and "sit right down" and the closing song inviting children to return with Markus: "We'll Be Together Again." In between, children will tap their toes, sing and dance and even follow the words in the lyric book (missing, unfortunately, the words to "Let's Open Our Eyes").

The title song "Big Beautiful World" may just appeal to choir leaders looking for an environmental message put-to music, just one of the many original songs worth singing about. Hopefully, we will be together again, next time with all original songs by Markus.

Joan Welter, Ottawa Public Library, Ottawa, Ont.
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