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Marie-Francine Hebert
Illustrated by Darcia Labrosse

Toronto, Second Story Press, 1990. 24PP, paper, $5.95, ISBN 0-929005-15-5
Also available in French as Le Voyage de la vie.

Pre-school to Grade 1 /Ages 3 to 6
Reviewed by Kay Kerman.

Volume 18 Number 6
1990 November

The Amazing Adventure of LittleFish originally appeared in French as Le Voyage de la vie (Editions La courte echelle, 1984). Unfortunately, I believe that much was lost in the translation, not merely in the title but in the text as well. One is expecting a simple story about an adventure of a new fish, but what we find is a complex story about the process of evolution and birth.

Initially, the story describes a curious fish who wants to journey to the other side of the sea where no fish had ever been before. Upon arriving, LittleFish goes on land and transforms into a human baby. Hubert the explains that"... everyone lives like a small fish inside our mother's belly. When she is pregnant, her belly is full of water like the sea."

I feel that this book is riddled with misinformation. The book implies that fish evolve into humans in the course of one lifetime. As well, it indicates that a fish leaves its mother to go on land and develops into a human form. The whole process of conception to birth seems to be inaccurately portrayed. The two stories of conception and evolution are not clearly distinct and would likely be confused by a young reader. Hubert has an interesting idea but unfortunately the information she is imparting is too ambiguous.

This author and illustrator have teamed before and produced Welcome to the World and My Body Inside Out (Heritage, 1989).

Kay Kerman, Chelsea School, Chelsea, Que.
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