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Jack Livesley, Barrie McMahon, John L. Pungente and Robyn Quinn

Scarborough (Ont.), Globe/Modern Curriculum Press, 1990. 187pp, paper, $12.95
ISBN 0-88996-236-7. CIP

Grades 7 to 9/Ages 12 to 14
Reviewed by Irene J. Karasick.

Volume 18 Number 6
1990 November

In today's world of electronic information overload, it is essential to understand the language of the media in order to assimilate the information, understand the message, and become a discerning listener. Meet the Media is a comprehensive text that will help the reader to sort out the various levels of meaning imparted to us, particularly in the electronic and print media.

Meet the Media is a worthwhile addition to the language arts program for students in grades 7 to 9, introducing them to the issues of mass media and encouraging students to become more conscious listeners by questioning the messages they receive. The book aims to assist the student to develop a better understanding of the techniques, organization and effects of mass communication.

The four authors, all communica­tions educators, have addressed the major areas of mass communications: advertising, newspapers, photographs, magazines, comics, film, radio and television. In addition to the substantial data offered, the book's format and lay­out with paragraph headings and numbering make for an easy read. Bold type in red and black, sketches and photographs enhance the text and provide excellent examples of communi­cations symbols.

The tasks requested of the students are applicable and should provide them with experiences to augment their understanding of how the media works and how it influences public opinion and conceptions. The message cautions against gullibility:

be aware of levels of meaning in communications, be aware of hidden messages; take note of visual influences, ambiguity and incomplete information; as a viewer, reader and listener, challenge, question and criticize. Take your brain out of neutral and sort out the codes employed to influence the reader/viewer to action.

Irene J. Karasick, Winnipeg, Man.
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