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John Ibbitson.
Don Mills, ON: Collier Macmillan 1990.
88pp., paper, $5.50.
ISBN 042-953935-8. CIP.

Grades 5-9 / Ages 10-14

Reviewed by Constance Hall.

Volume 19 Number 1
1991 January

Nobody's self-esteem could be lower than Marshall's, because he isn't as popular or as good looking as his brother, Benny. His favourite pastime is disappearing to Sioux Mountain on his own to enjoy his music and the night.

Suddenly one night, Marshall's world explodes. A spaceship crashes not far from him. His first instinct is to run away, but he listens to an inner voice which tells him to help an injured alien. After reviving Mell, Marshall takes him to his garage, but it seems nowhere is safe. To avoid the pursuing Drakonians, Mell persuades Marshall to steal Benny's motorcycle.

Their desperate escape ends when a terrible crash occurs. Marshall is transported to a Grophee spaceship to recover from his injuries. As the battle in space continues against the Drakonians, Marshall must decide how he will respond - will he return to northern Ontario or will he stay to help fight?

To be a hero in a special dream world is a common fantasy, one each reader can relate to. John Ibbitson gives readers a chance to be part of an alien space world when Marshall becomes Starcrosser in this fast-paced fantasy.

Constance Hall, Hamilton ON.
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