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1990. Slide/cassette, 30 min. with teacher's guide. $150.00
Distributed by Mary Walker, 518 Pinetree Dr., London, Ontario N6H 3N1

Grades 8 and up/Ages 13 and up
Reviewed by Janice Vaudry.

Volume 19 Number 1
1991 January

In The Lost North Mary Walker has attempted to portray a way of life that exists among the Inuit. The slide/ cassette kit covers her time in the Arctic in three communities during a summer season. While trying to convey the present life-style of this people she has instead succeeded in presenting us with a brief overview of some of the prob­lems and challenges facing the Inuit. Unfortunately, this leaves the viewer with more questions raised than answered.

Walker states that she is a former elementary school teacher and has addressed this kit to the native studies curriculum. However, the format used would fail to arouse and maintain the interest of a class. The narration is at times too advanced in its vocabulary for the elementary level, while the presenta­tion would not appeal to the secondary level. While she has provided a typed script of her narration, she has not given the teacher any further suggestions for usage or class implementation.

The organization of the slides would benefit from a more thematic approach. Instead, she seems to discuss randomly the way of life for the Inuit. The slides themselves are generally well composed but some are overexposed and others lack detail of composition. The pace tends to be a little fast if one expects to keep up with the narration and leaves little room for on-the-spot discussion.

Considering the cost of the kit in comparison with other media available I feel the expense cannot be justified.

Janice Vaudry, Bishop's College School, Lennoxville, Que.
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